You do not reserve anywhere cheaper than with us. Book now with a 5% discount!
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You do not reserve anywhere cheaper than with us. Book now with a 5% discount!

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You do not reserve anywhere cheaper than with us. You immediately receive a 5% discount on our rates.

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Business Meeting Package

Meeting in the center of the beautiful city of Harlingen offers you many options.
With 8-10 people you can come to us for a meeting in a homely atmosphere, where you have access to all facilities and privacy.

We also have options for expanding the meeting package with various activities such as sailing on the mudflats, mudflat walking, a city walk through Harlingen, a boat tour through the port of Harlingen, bicycle tours and much more (book in advance).

Ideal for inspiring, thanking, motivating, or for the sake of togetherness, team building, etc.
Please contact us to compile an appealing program to your wishes.

It is also possible to extend the packages with a dinner at Restaurant Nooitgedagt and one or more nights at the hotel. Please contact us, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

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    des Middags 2 consumpties (fris / bier / wijn) per persoon

Other packages

Group packages

A few days away with a group of family members, friends or acquaintances. Spending time together and doing fun things together.

Do you not immediately think of a hotel with a group accommodation?

Terschelling Package

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Harlingen - Must do!

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Enjoy cycling in a unique environment

NW Fryslân by bike means enjoying peace, space and a varied landscape. See it with your own eyes during a bike ride on dikes such as the 42 km long Slachtedyk, the Oude Bildtdijk (better known as the...