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Eise Eisinga Planetarium

The Eise Eisinga Planetarium is an extraordinary astronomical marvel in the heart of Franeker. This historical planetarium, constructed by Eise Eisinga in the 18th century, is the world's oldest continuously functioning planetarium. As of this year, the planetarium has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List!

Embark on a fascinating journey through the cosmos as you observe the movements of planets and stars in real-time. It is an educational and entertaining destination for both the young and the old. Explore the history of astronomy and admire the precision of the planetarium mechanism.

Overnight stay

The Eise Eisinga Planetarium is only a 15-minute drive from the hotel. By train, you can reach Franeker in just 8 minutes with the express train.

Harlingen is a characteristic harbor town with a lot of culture, charming shops, delightful restaurants, and terraces, making it worth a visit on its own. However, from Harlingen, you can easily take a boat for a day trip to Vlieland or Terschelling or embark on beautiful walking, cycling, car, and mudflat excursions in the surrounding area.

Explore the history of our hotel to make your visit to Friesland even more enchanting.