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Around 800, Harlingen arose from a Viking settlement and in 1234, the Frisian port town was given city rights. The city (with about 16.000 inhabitants) owes its special character to the location at the Wadden Sea, a special natural reserve with low and high tide and the open connection to the sea. The water reaches up to deep into the center, due to which it’s possible to stroll across piers, docks, alongside canals and across the bastions. They authentic atmosphere of Harlingen is largely determined by the many monuments of the city.

The large amount of historical buildings is the consequence of the pride the people of Harlingen have for their ‘stadsje’ (city). Various organizations – including the ‘Vereniging Oud Harlingen’, ‘de Hein Buismanstichting’ and ‘het Hannemahuis’ protect the heritage, bearing in mind that Harlingen has to remain livable. This is why the past and the present go hand in hand in Harlingen. You can discover this on your own, but also by taking a stroll across the city, accompanied by experienced city tour guides.

More information at the ‘TIP kiosk’ located at ‘de Grote Bredeplaats’.